Climbing Montserrat

Montserrat with its conglomerate mountain rock could almost be from another planet. In the middle of a primarily flat countryside the Montserrat peaks seem to rise out of nowhere. The area looks like a giant' s playground where they have been making sandcastles of concrete. Many of the towers that provide superb rock climbing or mountaineering are visible from Barcelona.

Barcelona is only 30 km from Montserrat, and many of the towers that provide superb rock climbing and mountaineering for climbers from around the world are visible form the city. Montserrat offers a rock climbing holiday that is guaranteed unforgettable. There are many footpaths on and around the mountain, which is easily accessible.
Also Barcelona offers access to a range of cultural activities as a visit to El Temple de La Sagrada Família, Parque Guell, old city, restaurants, nightclubs, luxurious hotels, cheap bed and breakfast accommodation, sun and beach, and shopping to an extent and price to suit all interests. You can stay in Barcelona and travel to Montserrat by car, train or bus.
The Montserrat Monastery has a large Chapel and a small village surrounding it.
The area offers some bolted rock climbing routes.Some of the routes on the hundred or so towers of conglomerate are bolted right to the top. Montserrat mostly offers traditional rock climbing and a double rope and gear rack should be included your pack when you visit Montserrat.
The recommended seasons are early spring and autumn, since the summer is normally too warm and the winter is often cold.
For those of you who have not climbed on conglomerate before this will be a whole new experience. Montserrat in Spain is an extraordinary place - the sort of place you would like to take you friends to.

Montserrat, the 'sacred mountain' from CALIDOS on Vimeo.